Indigenous LGBTQ2S Recruitment

The year 2020 is just around the corner and it represents more than just the beginning of a new decade. It also spells the continuation of an era when companies employ zero tolerance towards workplace discrimination of any kind.

The LGBTQ2s community can look to a future where harassment and mistreatment will disappear completely. In light of this positive and continuous change, your company should adopt an indigenous recruitment strategy to make the workplace an LGBTQ2s-friendly environment and a welcoming place for all employees.

The benefits of an LGBTQ2s-friendly office

In spite of the progress that Western society has had over the past few decades in reducing LGBTQ2s discrimination, plenty of members from this community still have to deal with workplace harassment. Some of them bravely see it as a downside of their courage to stand up for their rights. Others suffer in silence since many companies fail to create an accepting working environment.

A recent study shows that openly gay employees that do not have to face discrimination are happier and more productive. More than that, it seems that their coworkers are also more efficient and successful when the air is cleared and nobody has to hide their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Besides a high level of productivity, openly gay workers also show a strong bond of loyalty with their employer and the company for which they work. Many of them would gladly invest in developing their skills and performing better at their current workplace instead of changing it for another one where they might face discrimination based on their sexuality or gender identity.

Last, but not least, having more companies that create an LGBTQ2s-friendly environment helps the local community grow in tolerance and acceptance. In time, this positive recruitment strategy may lead to a more open and understanding society.

Using indigenous recruitment to create an LGBTQ2s-friendly workplace

You have seen the benefits of having an LGBTQ2s-accepting office for your business and the happiness of your employees. Now, let’s look at the areas you can improve to take this positive strategy even further!

Here are a few things that you can change to improve tolerance towards diverse sexual orientations and reduce discrimination in your company:

Impose an LGBTQ2s-friendly policy

First things first, if your company does not have an LGBTQ2s policy yet, you should make one now!

This policy should state that employees of the LGBTQ2s community have the same rights, obligations, and benefits as anyone that works for your company has. In the base of this policy or set of policies, any allegation of harassment or discrimination will be dealt with maximum sternness.

Having this LGBTQ2s-friendly policy will not be enough if you do not apply it when necessary. Your company should show zero tolerance towards any form of discrimination towards someone’s sexual orientation or lifestyle.

Change your recruitment strategy

Now that you have your LGBTQ2s-friendly policy in place, it is time to reconsider your recruitment agency. In this case, you should mention in your job offer advertisements that your company welcomes everybody eager to work, learn and develop a successful career regardless of their sexual orientation.

If you work with employment agencies, you can mention your new set of policies and ask them to advertise your job offers to members of the LGBTQ2s community. Your chances of hiring someone from this social group increase if you promote your business and its tolerating views at LGBTQ2s events and job fairs.

Offer training and counseling

Even if your current employees have a high rate of acceptance and tolerance, they still might have problems working under your new indigenous recruitment strategy. Unexpected misunderstandings may lead to your new LGBTQ2s workers feeling uncomfortable or offended.

To anticipate and prevent workplace conflicts, you should offer training courses to your employees. You can also organize small workshops and invite speakers from the LGBTQ2s community to talk about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Additionally, you should offer professional counseling to LGBTQ2s employees that are subject to discrimination or who find it difficult to integrate into a new workplace.

Show your support for LGBTQ2s events

One aspect of implementing indigenous recruitment in 2020 that many companies miss is the support that you can show for LGBTQ2s events.

Every year, most cities organize LGBTQ2s parades and festivals that speak against discrimination and bullying. You should support these noble causes by offering your company’s aid to solve organizational issues, in voluntary work and public affiliation.

Another great way of promoting and supporting LGBTQ2s events is to advertise your encouragement on social media. Today’s ever-changing society is sensitive to each corporation’s activity on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Adhering to this cause makes you a part of the solution for a more tolerant and accepting future society.

Create a system of equal benefits

When employing your new indigenous recruitment policy you should not overlook the benefits that your employees receive, and which could not be available to LGBTQ2s workers.

For example, your policies may require a change in wording to help same-sex partners of your employees to benefit from services like life insurances just like heterosexual couples enjoy. The same thing goes for transgender people who might find themselves outside the coverage of medical insurance.

By reviewing your company’s policies regarding employee benefits you increase your status as an LGBTQ2s-friendly enterprise. Members of this community will be happier to work for you, and during the recruitment process, you will have a bigger chance of attracting new and promising talents.

Team up with LGBTQ2s professional organizations

If you want to extend your recruitment strategy to include indigenous individuals of various sexual orientations and gender identity, you should know that you are not the first company to do so.

Many other businesses have made this transition or are going through it as we speak. This positive change has created a new market for LGBTQ2s organizations that step in and help you go through the process smoothly and easily.

You should consider partnering up with such an organization to accelerate the transition process and improve your image as an LGBTQ2s-friendly company.

Learn and Evolve

Last, but not least, you should be aware that employing an indigenous recruitment strategy in 2020 will take time. Just like our society needs a couple of generations to make a definitive change in the mental collective, so will your company require several months of hard work to implement the new approach towards employee acceptance.

Develop your strategy with the help of the LGBTQ2s community and learn from any mishap that may occur along the way. Look at it as a positive challenge for you and your company that will strengthen both your managerial skills and your business once you succeed in implementing it.